​​​ A Long time ago i  felt the need to copy everything and catalog all that i see  on this amazing place called planet Earth.

At a young age, left alone to explore the mini ecosystem called my backyard. The keeper of 30 cats , a Hawk, Dogs , Turtle's frogs and more.

I thought for a long time i was neglected by family and a possible social life with young friends.

But as i reach this age of now , i realize it was god's choice to set me up to grow with nature , and to learn valuable lessons about this creation of our planet called  Earth. Now I realize that my childhood isolation with my back yard ecosystem and animals was my salvation ..

My observations of my pet Hawk Ester and small creatures and plants and trees was the best thing that ever happened to me .I would draw, study and paint the behavior of god's creature.

That's were my passion for flight and space and beauty of the Earth came from .

And to experience all that... we most except how nature and life can only be unpredictable, sometimes out of the chaos emerges order. They are one.

So as you visit my catalog of work , i hope you will some how understand , why i paint everything and why  i am so prolific . The art world wants to sell one style , but i have accumulated and will present you with series of styles you can purchase. 

I have many Paintings at Fancy Art gallery in Barring ton and Lake Zurich Illinois.

I also Teach Art and for a long time , Private lessons to young adults and children.

Children at A Montessori School ages 3-6  .

Private lessons in Oils and Watercolors and Acrylics to Adults at Lake County College .

Now i teach and paint out of my studio ​and i am currently finishing a children's book.