1st Painting in Acrylic by Libby Age 13

2nd Painting by Jorie Age 12

3rd Painting by Jori

4th Ink Drawing by Felix Age 12 

5th Painting in Acrylic by Jorie Age 12

6th Painting in Acrylic (Bird) by Stella 6

7th Marker Rendering  (Space)by Danny Age 8

8th Rendering in marker (Giraffe)Jose Age 

9thWatercolor by Autum age 6 The Fox

10th Pencil by D.J. age 15 The Bedroom

11th Watercolor by Stella age 6 Save the Panda

​12th  Watercolor by Morgan age 7 The lizards




  13th  Acrylic Libby Age 13 Abstract

  14 Charcoal by Angelica

  15th Acrylic by Calib Age 8  Space       

  16th Acrylic by Marcello age 13 waterfall

  17th Acrylic by Francesca age 11 the Owl

  18th Watercolor Stella age 6 the Barn

  19th Acrylic by Francesca age 11 the Dancer

 20th Acrylic by Calib age 8 Quazar

 21st Acrylic by Stella age 6 My Dog

 22nd Watercolor Amelia age 5 space man

 23rd Charcoal by Angelica age 11 Girl and castle

 24th     Watercolor by Morgan age 7 party girls