To the right is Vivian Lowe's Art work Age 9

Lex's Artwork Acrylic  Werewolf

​​​Amia Age 15

Art Work Acrylic

Caleb's studies in Anatomy

To the right is Madeline Pouska's Art work Age12

Emilie's art Charcoal ,Pastel and painted tiger & pastel flower

To the right is Autumn Froehlich's Art work​ Age 8


Abigal's unfinshed Oil. The finished piece will be added soon.Another new  acrylic landscape to the right

Below is D.j. Sherwin's Art work Age 16

Mariella's Marker rendering

a Tigers lower half

Age 11

Aaron's artwork 

To the right below is Angelica Boncimino's Art work Age 12

Morgan Boehm 

Acrylics Age 8.5 ​​​​

​Glynis Kloster's Acrylics Pianting's Age 14

Ruthie Sherwin

Acrylic Painting's Age 9

To the right is Francesa Gaus Ehning's Art work Age 11

 Abigail Durbin's work Age 14

Annabell's artwork age14

Erinn's Art work painting's in acrylic age 15

Grace's artwork in watercolor age 6

Elora Kloster Oil painting's

Age 12